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Celtic Saga is a small, home-based cattery, located in Switzerland, not far away from Zürich. We are member of CFA and TICA. And we show in CFA and TICA. Our goal is to produce cats, that are not only unique and beautiful, but also healthy and happy as well. All our kittens are born and raised indoors without cadges, with a lots of love, they are very well handled and socialized.

The kittens should be at least 3 months old before they can go to their new home. All our kittens get booster vaccination and deworming program before they leave. We offer a comprehensive health guarantee with each kitten that we place, as detailed in our sales contract. To be align with our cattery policy, all “pet-quality” kittens will have a contract to be spayed or nuetered by 7th months of age. If requested, this can be done prior leaving our cattery depending on the weight and age of kitten. This can help o make transition to your home easier. Transfer certificates will be granted upon receipt of Veterinary Proof of Neutering.

As a responsible breeders, we take care in the selection of suitable homes for our babies. Before to place our kitten we would like to know more about future dad and mum. You are welcome to visit our cattery to see and discuss the purchase of kitten. The new owner is expected to provide a secure and appropriate carrying basket before the kitten will be released although we normally deliver the kitten in person to first-time customers, and this is reflected in our prices. Preparation for the new arrival will also include procuring a suitable litter tray (our kittens are brought up to use both clay and wood based litters), and providing an appropriate bed or nest. Full diet instruction sheets will be provided as necessary before collection, and dietary advice is always available. With a great pleasure we will answer your questions and provide you necessary support to adjust your life with a new family member.

In the unlikely event that the kitten will not settle we expect that they will be returned in order to find a more suitable home. A proportional refund of the purchase price will be given, dependant upon the age of the kitten. Older animals are more difficult to rehome and this must be borne in mind.

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